Friday, August 8, 2008


Hi there, and welcome to all who are interested in Art and Microcomputers

And in the power to create your own designs.

A new blog !!!
I am not sure the world needs so many more blogs. But I will use this space to discuss some of my ideas on tools used in connection with art and microprocessors.

Hopefully I will also get some feedback from you out there, passionate users of microprocessors and connected hardware in artistic projects.

Some background:
I have a background as a programmer, mathematician and also as a dancer. I have done projects in this field since around 1991 when I worked on computer choreography tools with the Kacor group (Stockholm) . Since then I have done computer control for dance performance music, when that was still mostly done by swapping casette tapes and for the last ten years I have mostly worked with choreographer Åsa Unander-Scharin at Scen och Sinnesproduktion and produced some mechatronic installations with her, notably Orpheus and Petrushka .

This work has evolved from purely software to a very mixed mixed bag of software, hardware and firmware. During this process I have used and also constructed a wide array of tools. Some of this might be interesting to YOU ?

So, a new blog ... we will see

Yes I do have a "regular" job at the side to pay rent and other expenses.

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Carina said...

Och jag hade missat bloggandet :-)
Välkommen till boggvärlden/C